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Balance Your Belly an Fights Fatigue1 with Good Gut Bacteria!


Bacterium lactis

supports healthy immune function

Bacterium longum

assists in breaking down grains, legumes, and cruciferous vegetables that some people can’t digest properly. This assures that we absorb nutrients from our foods*

Bacterium breve

as we age, this bacteria reduces drastically, but it’s very important. Bacterium breve helps to breaks down sugars in the digestive tract and reducing occasional indigestion*.

Lactobacillus acidophilus

creates vitamin K as a byproduct. L. acidophilus is also important in the digestion of any dairy product, and if you have issues with dairy, a lack of this bacteria could be the issue.*

Lactobacillus plantarum

creates a boundary in your colon to prevent nasty bacteria from colonizing.*

Lactobacillus casei

produces lactic acid in the digestive system, which helps lower the pH of your body. L. casei also stops the growth of harmful bacteria*

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Each strain of powerful probiotics serves a customized, unique purpose to promote digestive health, weight loss, and fight fatigue2.*

10 Broad Spectrum Super Strains

After experiencing his own radical transformation, Drew Canole has dedicated his life to helping millions of others lose weight and reach optimal health, through the power of juicing vegetables and Superfoods. Will you be next? The best part is, organifi green juice has just made this faster, easier and absolutely DELICIOUS! For more exciting tips on reaching your health, fitness and lifestyle goals, you can catch Drew on his popular blog show at “www.FitLife.Tv”. 

Lactobacillus paracasei

this bacteria has been used to treat pollen allergies, as well as relieve symptoms of occasional fatigue.*

Lactobacillus salivarius

a protective bacteria that produces acids to aid with destroying harmful bacteria aid in destroying*

Lactobacillus bulgaricus

a self regulating good bacteria that stimulates the growth of the other healthy probiotics.*

Lactobacillus rhamnosus

recent studies show that this probiotic has the ability to boost metabolism*4

50 Billion Colony Forming Units

More than twice the amount of helpful, good-gut bacteria as other leading brands.3

Vegan,  Gluten Free, 100% All Natural

Other probiotic brands insert fillers, milk cultures, and hidden grain-based ingredients. Biotic Balance Probiotics was created with our vegan and gluten free friends in mind. This is food, not medicine. Biotic Balance strives to use highest quality ingredients, without any additives.

Easy To Take

No confusing comparing, mixing and matching, or stacking with other probiotics. Everything you need is in one super simple capsule.

Other probiotics require multiple doses, spaced out through the day. You only need to take Biotic Balance once everyday. No more setting reminders or counting capsules.

Only 1 Capsule Per Day

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10 Broad Spectrum Super Strains In One Bottle!*

"Probiotics are something I consider essential to my overall health… Thank you probiotics!”

-- Certified Coach, Steve Fillmore Minnesota




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-- Certified Coach, Lynne Martin

"I have used probiotics off and on for years. I know how good they are for me, but this is the first probiotic, that after a few days of use I could tell a dramatic difference in my digestive system. "

"Probiotics have been a vital part of my transformation! They continue to be part of my daily routine!"

-- Certified Coach, Jill Potter, San Diego CA

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3. Just Potent Probiotic Supplement, 10 billion CFU

Naturo Sciences Probiotic Supplement: 15 billion CFU

Hyperbiotics PRO-15:  5 Billion CFU

PureBiotics:  5 Billion CFU

4.  .